Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Corporate Strategy (See Jane Work It)

I can't tell you how many cardigans and pencil skirts that are hanging in my closet because it would be downright embarrassing.  While I love the classic silhouette, I wear it way too often to work (and Joan Holloway, I'm not).  As I woke up late this morning with a huge holiday hangover, I realized that my usual uniform just wouldn't cut it (and that a good portion of my work wardrobe is in a laundry basket waiting to go to the dry cleaner).  I gussied up my plain, black dress with a yellow belt and chain necklace and felt instantly more awake.  I was running late so makeup and hair had to be put on the back burner.  Baby steps.

Theory shift dress, Corey Lynn Calter belt, Banana Republic chain necklace, Dolce Vita peep-toe pumps

What do you wear to work?


  1. I love your outfit! That necklace is gorgeous!
    and I love the Joan Holloway reference :)


  2. I love the black dress with the yellow belt - and the nude pumps! Such a beautiful, classic look.

    {My blog is mostly about what I wear to work, if you're interested!}

  3. Ooh gorgeous! I would totally wear it to work!! Even though the people I work with usually come in jeans XD (I still dress up a bit)

  4. Lovely outfit, the yellow belt is perfect for the black dress <3

  5. LBD never goes wrong..
    love ur outfit
    u looks stunning

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    visit my site, hope u like it :

    hug and kiss^^

  6. cute necklace!

  7. I absolutely love your necklace! And the shoes are superb!

  8. I have more cardigans and button down shirts than I can count for work! I love that you mixed it up with the dress and yellow belt - I'll have to remember to jazz up my work look with some fun accessories!

  9. Okay. Very cute. The yellow belt just sasses the whole thing up.

    I wear pj's to work b/c I work from home. Don't own a suit. Don't plan to ever own one. Unless it's Chanel. But that's an entirely different story. :) - Carrie

  10. I'm with you on the closet bulging full of pencil skirts and cardigans. Sometimes I feel like my work wardrobe is so boring. Summertime is always better because I have a pretty awesome collection of brightly printed knee length A line skirts to add into the mix!

    I love the little touch of color you added to your black dress. A little goes a long way in a somewhat conservative work environment!

  11. You look absolutely gorgeous! I really do love this look -- what a great way to add a punch to a basic black dress! The belt and necklace really elevate the look.
    xo Josie

  12. OOH i love the necklace!! Love!


  13. Хорошая одежда для офиса.....но я думаю вы забыли сумку, не так ли? ха ха
    Утро у всех одинаковое.Мы в России тоже знаем,Banana Republik и Майкл Корс. Благодаря русскому MTV.

    Good clothes for the office ..... but I think you forgot your bag,isent it? lol
    Morning all in ALL lost ageyne.
    We in Russia know banana republic and Michael Kors too. Thanks fore it Russian MTV.

    From Russia With Love.

  14. I tach ure necklace idea fore my hand made.THX

  15. ooh, holiday hangovers :) gotta love 'em. you look ridiculously gorgeous for hungover and late! xoxo

  16. LOVE that belt! I would definitely wear that to work...I would have never guessed you were late! Love it!

    chloe **

  17. love this outfit! the yellow belt looks great with it :)


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