Monday, July 26, 2010

Afternoon Matinee (See Jane Wear)

I thought Saturday afternoon would be the perfect time to see a movie as it was quite possibly the muggiest day of the year--150% humidity and expected rain.  Turns out, it didn't rain, but I'm still glad I got to beat the heat in the cool movie theater for a few hours (I finally saw Inception).  I have a few prerequisites for movie-going attire: a removable top and/or scarf and forgiving clothes are a must.  It can get downright frigid in the theater, so a coverup is essential.  And because I tend to go buck wild on the snacks, I need something stretchy and comfortable (see: no belts or restrictive clothing, please).

Banana Republic chambray shirt (seen here), H&M tee shirt, American Apparel cotton miniskirt, Dolce Vita wedges (seen here and here), Rebecca Minkoff bag, vintage turquoise ring (seen here)

(boyfriend walking into the shot)

I liked the movie, although, I'll admit that I'm still scratching my head.  Enough with the psychological thrillers, Leo.

How was your weekend?


  1. Lovely outfit. I follow you now:) Perhaps you will follow me, too!?

    LOVE minnja

  2. I love love love your outfit!
    Im dying to see Inception, we may try to see it tonight.

    How did you like MAD MEN?? I was so excited I could hardly sit still.


  3. Love your outfit, effortlessly chic!!! have a wonderful monday!!! xoxo

  4. Great outfit, I have been looking for a denim shirt but haven't found anything good yet.

  5. Totally agree - movie theatres are stinkin' cold! I always go with a scarf or some sort of oversized sweater/cardi. I absolutely looove Leo, but man...he's almost getting to smarty pants for the film biz.

    FAB POST! love it!

    chloe **

  6. I love this outfit, something I would definitely wear!

  7. Love the combo - the shirt is taking me back!! So, stop by to see my great reveal: an ENTIRE week of great giveaways!!!


  8. The denim shirt is a dream !

    Love the boyfriend's detail ha ha !

    See U !

  9. Love this look on you. Would totally sport a version of it myself...and would most def be taking a parka into the theatre b/c I'm a wuss for the cold and they need to temper that A/C!!

    Inception left my mind racing. I felt somewhat exhausted afterward!

    damn mondays.


  10. You're adorable in your weekend casual outfit! I feel like I'm the last person to see Inception, I need to get on it before I come across a spoiler...

  11. haha good call on the no belts to the movie theater rule! Movies are so long nowadays I feel like I need a 3 course meal just to get me through!

  12. You're actually the most gorgeous person alive, I swear. I am so in love with your chambray shirt, and regarding the snack issue, I worked my way through two bags of Sour Patch Kids during "Inception." I have a problem.
    xo Josie

  13. Great're super gorg! :)


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