Friday, June 4, 2010

Style Maven (See Jane Find an Obscure Icon)

Who was cooler than Sloane Peterson in 1986?  Well, I'll give you a wasn't me as I was barely a toddler.  I might have missed the release of Ferris Bueller's Day Off, I definitely made up for lost time by watching it repeatedly as I got older.  The crazy stunts they pulled were hilarious, Ferris was too cute, and Sloane was a totally righteous babe who inspired girls across the nation.  Slouchy boots, crossbody bag and a  fringe jacket?  Sounds like present-day to me.  What would Sloane be rocking in summer 2010?

*clockwise from top left

  1. Smythe Bellows Linen Blazer - Leather fringe is a little heavy for Chicago summer.  I think Sloane would opt for a breezy, linen blazer.
  2. Forever 21 Wide Braided Belt - Something has to hold up those baggy shorts.
  3. Rebecca Minkoff MAB Clutch - I just got this bag in chocolate and feel oh-so-very Sloane when I'm trotting around Chicago with it in tow.
  4. DVF Taipa Shorts - A sleeker version of Sloane's extra-wide postman shorts.

Channeling Sloane's taste in sunglasses wouldn't be hard these days seeing as everyone has a pair of Wayfarers to call their own.  Maybe she'd like the Ray Ban Skinny Retro Cats I just bought?

I thought long and hard about what shoes Sloane would wear in summer '10 and honestly think it should be left up to imagination.  Seeing as it's summer and school is out, she would definitely not be wearing her signature slouchy boots as Chicago gets quite hot and muggy this time of year.  I think it'd definitely be some sort of sandal.

What shoes do you think Sloane would wear in the summer?


Nikki said...

I always thought she was so pretty and stylish as a kid. I still love her style!


Hello*Pretty said...

Love this post!! I just happened to catch this movie the other day for the umpteenth time and I must say I was admiring her style. xo- karrie

this free bird said...

You nailed this one! And I love the new glasses...

Josie said...

I've always thought that she is CRAZY gorgeous... I also wasn't around for the release but I watch this movie at least monthly now. It's a serious obsession. I think that in the summer Sloane would totally rock the gladiator sandals!
xxoo Josie

Rocker Chic said...

Lovely lovely post she is def rocking it :)

I am doing a giveaway two winners will be picked make sure you enter :)

Le Sigh of a Fashionista said...

Oh Sloan, she was so amazing. :)

Jane See said...

I can imagine her wearing casual flats or as Josie said, gladiator sandals. I've never seen this film, but I think I should.. I want the DVF shorts for summer! :)
--Jane of

Marie said...

I've been coveting a crisp white blazer! ahh, such a good pick :)

Jesson Balaoing said...

nice post, it,...keep blogging...
P.S. Happy Blogging...

Elle Sees said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. It made my day!
I think she'd have some gladiator sandals on!

elledee said...

lovely! I love sloane!

Anonymous said...

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