Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Penny Pincher (See Jane Recreate)

As soon as I saw this photo of Cameron Diaz promoting her new movie on Good Morning America, I knew that outfit had to be mine.  The quintessential summer outfit:  short shorts, light blazer, nude heels/wedges.  I have recently dropped too much money on house things and need to reel in the spending.  That won't stop me from getting this outfit, though!

Basically, I need the blazer and shorts.  I have a white tank (so do you) and a pair of shoes that I can wear--either my Dolca Vita Pela Wedges (seen here) or the J Crew Candace Heels I just bought (seen here).  I also have a similar necklace from Urban Outfitters (this would be cute, too).

Free People Pleated Linen Shorts
For $29, you can hire someone to roll them up, a la Miss Cameron

Aqua Chambray Blazer
I would buy it a bit smaller than what the model's wearing to get the same Cameron effect.

And there you have it.  I'm guessing most of you have similar pieces in your closet and can easily create Cameron's morning talk show look.  I just did it for a little over $100.  Are you a fan?


  1. a fan is an understatement! ...i adore it!

  2. I totally agree.. fabulous outfit!! xo- karrie

  3. so cute! I love the boyfriend blazer

  4. She looks to DIE for! So stunning. I am in love with those Free People shorts -- would love to pair them with nude heels and turquoise jewelry!
    xo Josie

  5. her powder blue blazer is PERFECT! want! xx

  6. omg look at her legs. someone shoot me now!! i love this entire look. you must dig in the couch for change and get it! after that one picture you posted of yourself i am convinced you will pull this off like MAGIC! it's got your name all over it.

  7. This outfit is FABULOUS! I adore that light blue blazer and those linen shorts. Now I'm determined to copy this look as well. :)

  8. look at her legs!!!

    i'll put the breadstick down.

  9. definitely a fan! love love this whole fresh summery look!

  10. HUGE fan, she looks so relaxed and comfortable...yet adorable :)

    xo Lynzy

  11. I LOVED this outfit! I'm dying to get her shorts and those sandals!

  12. such a cute, cute outfit.....her shoes are my favorite!

    have the best weekend!


  13. She always looks fab but she does have a fantastic figure so who wouldn't? Love the outfit.

  14. a fan is an understatement! ...i adore it!

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