Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Band on the Run (See Jane Jam)

I love into music.  I come from a family who celebrates music in different ways (ex: dad plays guitar and was in a band, mom sang and danced to the rolling stones around the kitchen, etc), so this art has always been encouraged.  That's not to say I've always agreed with my family (or they've agreed with me) in my choice of tunes.  I received my fair share of mocking for liking the Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls in 6th grade from my siblings and my dad detested the band Incubus and forbade me to listen to them in 9th grade.  Later in high school, I would head up to Detroit for concerts, much to my parent's dismay.  Now, at the ripe old age of 25, I can appreciate these experiences that took place during my formative years and say they helped shape the music I listen to today.

Here are some new bands that I've been enjoying:

Local Natives  
Do you like Arcade Fire?  They remind me of a toned-down, folksy version.
Listen:  Wide Eyes

Two-Door Cinema Club
Reminiscent of an early Phoenix, circa Alphabetical.

Julian Casablancas
While I am no stranger to Julian C (was obsessed with the Strokes in high school), I am definitely digging his solo work.  I also enjoy Albert Hammond Jr's (Strokes guitarist) solo album, too.
Listen:   Out of the Blue

Also be sure to check out Hockey, The Walkmen, Avi Buffalo, Marina + the Diamonds and Miike Snow.

What are you listening to right now?


  1. I love Arcade Fire!! Saw them live a couple years back and the Hollywood Bowl and they put on an amazing show. Have heard a lot about The Walkmen so will have to check out. Thanks Jane!

    ps - listening to muse and my morning jacket right now

  2. ps - that would be "at the hollywood bowl" ugh

  3. Listening to Jacksion Browne and Van Morrison...with a touch of James Taylor and Cat mellow guys.

  4. not listening to any music :( super busy but nice choices. ::))

  5. I love Arcade Fire -- they're great! I have pretty versatile music tastes -- I'm loving everything from Jackson 5 to A Rocket to the Moon to Nevershoutnever right now.
    xo Josie

  6. glee cast! can u believe it!?!

  7. aww, I love you! I adore each band/artist you have suggested here.. Very good music taste ;)

    Love your blog, looking forward to your next post :)


  8. p.s., check out The Strange Boys :)


  9. three cheers for local natives....

    it's summer time and i am rocking out to vampire weekend. it just feels right for the warm weather... :)

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