Thursday, May 6, 2010

Style Maven II (See Jane Find an Obscure Icon)

I'm making the "style maven" post into a series.  Here's what I do: find an obscure (see: irrelevant) icon, and praise his/her style.  Basically I'll highlight the quirks, the hits, the misses, and everything in between.  A few weeks ago it was Kelly Kapowski.  Today, it's Stacey McGill, from the Babysitters Club.  Don't remember her?  Here are a few Stacey catch-up facts:
  • Blond hair (Naturally)
  • Impeccable style (I wanted to be her)
  • Raised in NYC (Why I want to raise my kids there)
  • Juvenile diabetes (Yet, she craved those sweets)
I felt an instant connection with Stacey from the first BSC book I read (#3, The Truth About Stacey).  It's as if we were twins (minus the whole raised in New York and diabetes thing); she was blond and obsessed with clothes and honestly, I was sold.  I know that Claudia was the toking fashion fiend, but her outfits were a little too crazy for me (plus she wasn't good at school..sorry, can't relate).  Please note that I only read Stacey's books in the series, except when they were all checked out at the library.  I'm sorry, but Mary Anne was a snooze.

 *clockwise from left
  1. Nice yellow windbreaker.  And is she wearing harem pants?
  2. Our girl's outshining Kristy (on her own cover, no less) in her schoolgirl outfit.  That's it--I'm getting loafers.
  3. Crop top and a sarong--so fashion forward for a 13 year old!
  4. Middle part and a loose pink sweater.  Yeah, looks like you probably are outgrowing the BSC, Stac.
  5. Wide leg pants and a vest...Kristy's great idea looks pretty dull next to that.
  6. I'm pretty sure Anthropologie has that dress (and that pose in their catalog).
  7. Stacy says no to grunge and yes to pretty, even when hanging with the bad girls.
Yes, I'm biased and love Stacey McGill.  Who was your favorite BSC member?


  1. Oh! I am a Stacey for sure. I loved BSC when I was little and I did want to end up in NYC too! She definitely out-shined the other girls on the covers! She's kind of like GG's Serena no?

    xx Vivian @

  2. I definitely loved your joke about Kristy's great idea looking pretty dull next to that. Hilarious. But so true. She was SO fashion forward!


  3. Loving your blog & this post!

    Anthro definitely has that dress, you are right.

    Don't forget in the Super Specials you could see Stacey's immaculate & enviable hand writing with the hearts that dotted the i's!

    Placing requests for: Sweet Valley High twins, or maybe one of the girls from California Dreams (did you see the reunion on Jimmy Fallon? )

  4. Back then I loved MA but I think I'm channeling Claud a bit more these days.

    Great observation on #2.

  5. I legitimately cannot say how much I absolutely LOVE this post. I was too young (aka not born) to read the BSC books when they first came out but have not only read them all now but also own most of them... Still. And yes, Stacey was always my favorite. She's the coolest one for SURE. I still want to be her.
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment! Yours is fab and I can't wait for more!
    xxoo Josie

  6. Good joke

    Stop by my blog to win a giveaway that I am doing


  7. I love this post!! :)

    Stacy is a great style icon. Although my favorite BSC member was definitely Dawn. For some reason I could relate to her a lot more...I think it's because I grew up in Tampa and then had to move to the midwest and it kind of felt similar to Dawn moving to Connecticut from California...

    Oh gosh I loved those books as a kid!!

    I also loved Sweet Valley High. If you haven't chosen a style icon from there yet, I would love to see who you choose!! :)

  8. omg-your post is killing me-i love it so much! this is hilarious! i wanted to be stacey SO BAD! to this day i still have the VHS of when they made the 'real' movie of the BSC, and sadly could probably quote the ENTIRE thing today! totally loving your blog! girl, you are being added to my blogroll STAT! :)

  9. Just found your blog and this post! I know it's a month late, but I had to comment!

    I loved, loved, loved the BSC books like a maniac when I was a kid. I remember we would 'play' BSC during lunch at primary school and I always got to be Stacey (and would sulk if someone dared ask to be her for a change!) but as the series went on, I liked Dawn more and more. 'The Ghost at Dawn's House' was one of my favourites! (as was 'Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls' - I think it was the second book of the whole series)

    Love this post! :)

  10. hilar. oh man, I definitely remember Stacey... but now I want to see pictures of that nutjob Claudia! I didn't read enough of these (was more into Redwall... omg) but now I want to go find the movie where Stacey tries to go on a hike with that hunk but doesn't eat her requisite pre-activity cookie and passed the eff out.



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