Friday, May 14, 2010

Los Angeles, I'm Yours (See Jane in Lotus Land)

As The Decemberists so eloquently sang:  there is a city by the sea...

I arrived in Los Angeles last night to clear skies and warm temperatures.  I sat in LA's infamous traffic for a while, but it was so gorgeous out that I didn't even mind.  I arrived at my brother's empty apartment and was instructed to hang out until he came home.  Fine with me--the weather was perfect!  The moral of the story is that I can sustain just about anything as long as it's nice outside.

Let me count the ways...

Life's a beach in Santa Monica.

*photo courtesy of

Yogurtland:  I am seriously considering opening a franchise in Chicago.

*photo courtesy of

LA street style is among my favorite (and I NEED those vintage Dior sunglasses).

 *photo courtesy of

Do you love LA, too?  If so, what are some of you favorite things about the City of Angels?


  1. I love Califronia in general, I used to live there. :)


  2. Aww how awesome!:) Sure, come to Poland asap!! I'd recommend to visit Cracow, Wrocław, Auschwitz, Gdańsk :) Maybe also Zakopane.

  3. lovely beach picture looks great hav e a great weekend

  4. Personally I hate LA. I know everyone loves to gush about it and it is so beautiful there but the state is BROKE and STUPID when it comes to any policies, political correctness, spending and MOVIES. There's so much phoniness out there, with really, really shallow values. Just sayin'. No gushing from me. Kathy H.

  5. Great pics.. great blog (I'll follow)! I love LA mainly because of the weather. :) Check out my blog, I'm doing a give-away. xo- Karrie

  6. Love LA too. My fiance is from around there! Love shopping on Robertson Blvd and eating at Geisha House :)

  7. Hey thanks for checking me cool too that you're here this weekend.

    As for fav's in LA - moving here 8 years ago the best thing initially was THE WEATHER!! Worst thing - the traffic and sometimes bad attitudes. 8 years later my favorite things are: still the weather (until it's Fall and I want to wear a scarf), sitting at the beach early in the morning when few people are there and the fog's still in, great restaurants and coffee shops including LAMILL,Intelligentsia, The Hungry Cat and Tito's Tacos - and, of course, THE SHOPPING!!

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  8. p.s.- I'm totally going to sign up to follow...hope you'll consider the same with me! xo

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