Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Stockholm Syndrome (See Jane Concert)

I went to the Miike Snow concert last night and it was utterly awesome. For those of you who aren't familiar, they're a pop-electronic band from Sweden.

Before a concert, I always rack my brain when choosing an outfit. Comfort or cute? Casual or edgy? Personally, I think the biggest faux-pas is looking like you tried too hard. Example: I went to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs last spring and saw one too many Karen O knock-offs.

Here are a few of rules I follow (and have probably broken, too):

  1. Don't wear your favorite shirt unless you want beer spilled all over it
  2. In fact, don't wear your favorite anything unless you want beer spilled all over it
  3. Don't wear stilettos to a standing room only show.  I have had many-a-toes crushed by inconsiderate/stumbling girls who thought it was a good idea to wear their sharpest-heeled shoes to a Death Cab for Cutie concert
  4. No turtlenecks (no, not even sleeveless, Mom)
  5. Are you in the band? Or DJ Jazzy Jeff? No? Then take your sunglasses off when you're indoors (and at nighttime, no less).
You may be asking, 'Okay... since you won't let me wear my favorite turtleneck sweater, then what do I wear to a small, indoor, standing room only, totally hip concert?'

  1. T by Alexander Wang Cowl Boat Neck Tee (42.50 at shopbop) - Yes, it's on sale and yes, I'm buying this ASAP.
  2. Gabby purse ($128 at J Crew) - This fits all your essentials; bringing anything else to a show will just make you wait longer in the "purse check" line.
  3. Fenton/Fallon for J Crew Carrington Chain Bracelet ($96 at J Crew) - A little bit Bowie, a little bit Vampire Weekend, and a whole lotta awesome.
  4. Deena & Ozzy Perf Harness Boot in Tan ($58 at Urban Outfitters) - Because you just want to dance.
  5. Current/Elliot Super Slouchy Skinny Jeans ($250 at netaporter.com) - The perfect concert jean...just look at them!

May the rock gods be with you.

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