Wednesday, April 14, 2010

J-Crewsday (See Jane Wear One Brand)

If you haven't noticed by now, I like J Crew.  Like, a lot.  It has the most perfect clothes for both work and play.  Because I spend over 45 hours a week in pencil skirts, button-downs, and cardigans (53 if you count the hours I sit on the couch post-work, still fully dressed for the office), I like them to be cute, comfortable, and corporate-friendly.

The good thing about J Crew is that many of their styles are classic silhouettes and I don't feel ashamed wearing those items years later.  J Crew Spring '09 - this post is dedicated to you!  Thanks for getting me through this terrible Tuesday.

 J Crew Crocodile Cocktail Cardigan

J Crew Eyelet Pencil Skirt
(*disclaimer:  I don't have this skirt but can't find the knubby-cotton/tweed-type navy pencil skirt I'm wearing online. I bought it last year at the J Crew San Francisco and it is my favorite summer work skirt)

J Crew Perfect-Fit Cascade Tee

I hope this gives you an idea of what I wore to work today.  I must confess that the tee I wore under the cardigan is actually not from 2009, but Spring 2010.  I couldn't resist; it looked great under the cardigan and provided for the perfect amount of ruffle underneath.  (Some ruffles are just too much--think colonial judge.)

Can clothes make or break your day?