Thursday, April 22, 2010

Guilty as Charged (See Jane Divulge)

Some days are longer than others.  Whenever I'm having an off day or can't get out of a rut, the first thing I do is listen to Wham!, the famed 80s duo.  True, I had yet to be born at the height of their popularity, but luckily my older sister passed her love for George Michael on to me.  I dare you to listen to a Wham! song (or better yet, watch one their videos on youtube) without cracking a smile.

I'm reluctantly listing some of my guilty (and not so guilty) pleasures for all to see:

  • Listening to Wham! or any bad 80s/90s music - Just in case you didn't think I was serious.
  • Hot dogs - Please don't tell me what's in them.  Seriously.
  • Reading my daily horoscope - Yes, I believe they somehow apply to me at that very moment.
  • Jackson 5:  The American Dream - I've honestly seen this made for TV movie about 15 times (just ask my mom/boyfriend/roommate/sister) and it gets better each time.
  • Saved by the Bell reruns - It's funny, because I feel no guilt whatsoever about this.
  • Fries - Anytime, anywhere.
  • OK! Magazine - One full year subscription was only $8!
  • Re-reading books from my childhood  - I'll be honest, whenever I visit my parents house, I love to read all the books I've left behind like the American Girl series, Sweet Valley High, and Boxcar Children
  • Taking long hot showers until my fingertips wrinkle - Maybe I shouldn't be revealing this on Earth Day?
  • Terrible television - It's not so much a guilty pleasure as it is a way of life.  Think Real Housewives, the new 90210, most reality.
  • Whipped cream - I'm definitely more of a salt person but I love a fluffy mound of whipped cream on my Americano every morning.

What are your guilty pleasures?


  1. Hello hello lovely lady!
    Found your blog from Cupcakes and Cashmere.
    Just wanted to let you know I'm doing my first ever giveaway over at my blog and would LOVE for you to enter!

  2. Ho ho's. Mmbop from Hanson. Am I really admitting this?

  3. TOTALLY MmmBop.
    all synth-pop
    any movie with a makeover in it.
    Saved by the Bell (who doesn't like it, really.)
    chips. lots and lots of chips.

  4. My guilty pleasure, when I'm feeling down, is to whale on my youngest sister. Cheers me right up.