Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Couch Potato (See Jane Sit)

I've had some major apartment drama go down in the past week.  My boyfriend and I signed a place about three weeks ago and got a call last week that the lease needed to be dissolved.  Yes, it was devastating, but we've soldiered on.  Suffice to say, we've been scrambling to get another place just as nice and in the same neighborhood.  I think we have a new place lined up...but the past has taught me that I should hold the excitement until Moving Day actually arrives.  Nevertheless, I'm pretty excited and cannot wait to start furniture shopping.

Numéro un on my list is a couch.  Naturally. It's both a major purchase and definite focal point of any room.  I like white, boyfriend likes black.  I like traditional decor, he likes a modern look.  Wow - looks like we've started off on the right foot!  Oh, I'm just kidding.  We can definitely be opposites, but we've made significant strides and have both learned to compromise.  One thing we can both agree on: the couch better be uber-comfortable.  If I can't relax on this couch and watch DVR'd episodes of Glee, then that isn't a couch that I'll be buying.

Below is one of the last contenders standing in our sofa search.  Behold the Pottery Barn Buchanan in Stone:

From first glance, the color appears light, but it's actually gray-ish (which means it's a mix of black and white, we both win!).  The legs give the sofa a modern touch, while the style keeps it classic.  If this couch doesn't spell "c-o-m-p-r-o-m-i-s-e," then frankly, I don't know what does. 

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