Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lazy Sunday (See Jane Sit)

I travel a lot for work, but this month the career gods must be smiling upon me because I get to work from Chicago for all of March. This month, I get to act like a real-life Chicagoan, rather than be mistaken for a United flight attendant who always has a carry-own suitcase in tow (seriously).

My usual hectic travel schedule gives me the Sunday Blues big time. I generally can't do much except pack, sit on the couch, and snack. I cringe every time another hour slips by. 'Only 9.5 more hours until I have to wake up,' I think to myself. As the clock chimes 8 on Sunday evening, I wince and shake my head in disbelief knowing that I need to be in bed ASAP.

Now that I'm not anticipating a 4:45 wake up call, I can truly really savor the Real Housewives marathon; is it me or do these Pop Chips taste extra delicious?

Here are some essentials to make my couch-sittin' extra special:

Oliver Peoples Lance Frames

Sunday is the day of rest and frankly, my eyes deserve it. Spending 45+ hours a week squinting at a computer screen is no way to treat my my peepers. My eyes need a serious break from contacts on the weekends.

Oliver Peoples are known in the world of optometry to be the gold standard in eye wear and I wholeheartedly concur. I've had these frames for 2.5 years now and I don't foresee ridding myself of them anytime soon. These are the first pair of frames that I'm not ashamed to wear in public or at work. My prescription is so bad that even my NASA-approved, thin-as-money-can-buy lenses are still a centimeter thick. That's right...Jane Can't See.

Huge, Cozy Scarf

I can't find a picture of my favorite scarf online. I am currently wrapped up and cozy with my Theory plaid wool scarf (bought it at the Theory store in the Meatpacking District for $98) on the couch. For a cold, rainy Sunday, such as today, a comfy scarf is a must! It can also double as a napkin or a crumb collector for all the tasty snacks you're sure to enjoy.

This scarf by YARNZ ($165 at would make a gorgeous napkin.

Chips and Salsa

Boo Tostitos. Hurray El Milagro! If I had to head out to O'Hare tomorrow morning, then I would eat Tostitos without thinking twice; it's been proven that the Sunday Blues can really affect your judgment. No travel calls for une fĂȘte! These babies are everything you want in a chip--salt, crunch, and just hearty enough to hold some dip. Personally, I like to add some cheese and salsa (from Whole Foods because I'm healthy like that) and call it a day. Don't be jealous of my Sunday Snack, now.

Comfy Outfit

When I know I have to get up at 4:45AM Monday, I spend all day Sunday in sweats and don't get up from the couch. Now that I am feeling emancipated from the Sunday Blues, I am looking at this day in a whole new light. It actually feels like a weekend day, rather than an extra day of the workweek. That being said, I actually want to get dressed in real clothes. You never know, I might decide to run some errands or do some shopping. That's my life this month...unpredictable!

Here is what a similar version of what I'm wearing today:

J Crew Always Cardigan in Navy

Banana Republic Timeless Tank in White

J Brand 912 in Dark Vintage

Braided Leather Belt in Light Brown at

Steve Madden Incentiv Boot in Cognag, pictured on the right (Since this boot is an obvious knock-off of the Loeffler Randall Matilde, it's pictured on the left)

I may be dressed like I've still got the blues, but I assure you...I don't!


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