Friday, March 26, 2010

Jeans Day (See Jane Have Casual Friday)

Who doesn't love a jeans day? (The answer: those who aren't the repressed slaves of corporate America and get to express themselves at work every day with their creative clothing)

Well, whatever. This corporate suit loves a denim day! Whenever I hear that a jean-themed Friday is looming, I get dizzy with excitement. What will I wear? What will the weather be like? How can I look better than everyone else?

I like to keep it nice and simple. Jeans, flats, cardigan.

Clinging Blossoms Cardigan
$88 at

Nollie Gray V-neck
$16 at

J Brand lightweight pencil jean in Shadow
$173 at

I love navy and black together--I think it's such a chic combination. I threw in a gray t shirt for a casual touch and to break up the dark monotony.

Paired with my nude Ferragamo flats and I'm ready to roll! What do you wear on Casual Fridays?