Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm All Ears (See Jane Get an Earful)

Do you remember when you had your ears pierced? My mom and sisters had to coax me into the dreaded "ear piercing chair" at Claire's by offering treats of McDonald's. Embarrassingly enough, I had a few attempts before I actually went through with it. I made it pretty far the first couple times--my ears had been wiped down with alcohol towelettes and the purple dots had marked their place on my lobes (so the Ear Piercer wouldn't miss of course). Then, I saw the gun. It made me leap out the chair and run down the mall corridor--more than once.

I think I finally bit the bullet (read: stayed in the chair) by 7th grade. I chose a simple pair of silver studs and I haven't strayed that far since. While I love hoops and chandelier earrings on others, I've never felt that comfortable in them myself. I also just prefer the stud earring style, in general. I have a humble collection of stud earrings so far that I enjoy adding to from time to time.

Release your ears from heaviness. Check out these (lightweight/breezy) post earrings for the spring/summer:

Perfect with a simple navy dress and a tan.

Saffron Crocus Posts
$24 at

A unique, summer alternative to the typical flower posts.

Kate Spade Starfish Earrings
$55 at

A simplistic design that you'll wear straight into the fall.

Gorjana Circle Diamond Studs
$45 at

How do you decorate your ears?