Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Do What She Tells Me! Part II (See Jane Disappoint)

Back in Ohio AGAIN for a couple of days. Although I didn't return to see my sister's new purse, I did have the honor of watching her open it with complete and utter disappointment. Epic fail, Jane!

As a disclaimer, I didn't make her do anything. She liked the purse and thus, bought the purse. It's not my fault she didn't heed the measurements listed on the "description" page. That Matt & Nat purse made out of poison plastic may have been a better choice.
Check out the mini-purse on my sister. We kept her winter coat on to enhance the full effect of how tiny it is:

That's her modeling the tres petit Foley & Corinna Disco City Bag (pictured in black) with her wallet inside of it. Please take note of the extra short strap. Sort of like a canteen on a boyscout.

Here's one more so you can see how this gem would look like with normal clothes:

Suffice to say, the bag's going back. On to the next...


  1. I honestly thought those photos were of Mom -- I think it's the small purse and the way she's standing.

  2. this is making my laugh so hard. Yes, i'm way back at the beginning of your story (hey, its raining outside :)).

    First of all, I have this bag in navy. Second of all, its too long for me... which means your sister must be way tall, or am I just way short? However, in my defense and in your defense of making your sister proud, this strap looks extra short.

    haha, too funny