Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ahoy Hoy? (See Jane Go Nautical)

Nautical for spring. How groundbreaking.

Stop fighting it! Nothing gets your gears grinding for spring like a set of stripes. Yes, it's mainstream and expected, but it's the American (or is it French?) way. Even hipsters can't deny the lure that is stripes this time of year. As soon as you don some, it's automatically time for roof decks, grilling out, and spring pale ale.

That's right--spring is here! Open your eyes, and if you're lucky you'll see guys sporting croakies (um, these kickass Ray-Bans won't hold themselves). Let's be honest with each other, though--it's going to get cold again before summer. I know you're chomping at the bit to wear those sundresses, but it's a hard reality that this is the time of year when it's 65 degrees one day and sleeting the next. As the saying goes, in like a lion, out like a lamb.

Lucca Couture Striped Top

I recently bought this top and cannot stop wearing it. I chose a smaller size for a more fitted look and it looks great dressed up with high-heeled booties, skinny jeans, and a blazer. I think I love it just as much dressed down with black jean leggings and a pair of converse. Which way is better? I can't decide...modern day Sophie's Choice. ($28 at Urban Outfitters, teen angst sold separately)

Diane von Furstenberg Sailor Gavin Pants

Wide leg pants come in and out. They're a true wardrobe staple that you can keep in your closet for several seasons to come (possibly forever).
This season, skinnies rule and tapered/toned-down harem styles are a close second. Break with convention and bust out the high-waisted sailor pants. Pair with a pretty, flowy blouse or even with a tucked in plaid blouse à la Katharine Hepburn. Try to avoid coupling these with the striped top above for risk of looking like an extra in South Pacific. ($298 at shopbop)

Converse Laceless Chuck Taylors

Top off your nautical look with a pair of chucks (please don't take this whole sailor thing too literally). And don't be 'that guy (or girl)' wearing sandals in March. Unless you live in Mexico or LA, I don't want to see your toes that have been hibernating all winter, until April. I may be letting my wrists and ankles peep out lately, but honestly, it's just too early for me to see your toes. I wear these slip ons for the semi-chilly spring months as an alternative to my favorite gladiator sandals. ($40 at

And last but not least....



  1. Modern-day Sophie's choice? I hardly think it's as difficult as choosing which of your small children to send to the Nazis.

  2. Sorry if I offended you, anon. However, I was being sarcastic as that type if choice is quite trivial in all actuality.