Monday, August 29, 2016

The Good + the Bad (See Jane Wear)

duster (old but similar), dress (old but similar herehere and here), shoessunglassesbag
You guys: I only have a few weeks left with this bump.  I have some good news and some bad news, depending upon why you follow my blog. I have about a month left of maternity outfits yet to feature.  Perhaps you're thrilled that they'll be over or maybe you'll miss them.  Either way, one month left of them.  Also, I'll have some post-baby looks coming on the blog next.  Again, this may interest you or not but hey, it's real life over here at See (Anna) Jane.  Full disclosure: it may be a tough time for my style (especially considering I will most likely be having another c-section--this baby is also breech)--but I'm going to give the ol' postpartum college try.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Favorite Flat (See Jane Wear)

top (old but similar and also here), jeans, shoes (similar here, here and here), bag
 I love wearing these woven flats.  Heels aren't always an option for me these days (pregnancy throws your balance off a bit) and I swear, every single time I wear these, people compliment them.  They look way more expensive than they were (I bought them at Zara) and are also super comfortable.  Sometimes, you just need to keep it simple.

Monday, August 22, 2016

2016 Fall Trends (See Jane Want)

interesting sleeves: red dressbell top, bell ots dress
neckwear: neck scarfbolo tie
mid-calf boots: tan bootieblue bootiesnakeskin bootie
fall floral: chelsea28 dressvb dress

I'm not wishing away summer--trust me, but as someone who works in retail and is style obsessed, I love a good change in season.  It's like starting fresh and shedding your skin.  Reorganizing your closet by getting rid of the old and putting in the new; it's cathartic, really.  I haven't bit the bullet on much yet this fall, but that's because of this big ol' bump I'm sporting.  Once the baby arrives and I start to fit into some clothes (well, hopefully) again, I'll be on the hunt for my favorite 2016 fall trends.

Velvet - it's luxe, rich and going to be everywhere this fall.  Blame the 90s revival (remember CRUSHED velvet) but you didn't think chokers and slip dresses with t-shirts underneath were going to come back around and not velvet, did you?!

Neck candy - ...speaking of chokers (shop chokers HERE)....You pretty much can't escape covering your neck this fall.  Chokers, turtlenecks, scarves!  There's something so very naughty flight attendant about it and I personally LOVE it.

Color - as much as I love some monochromatic outfitting, I'm pretty excited for color to re-enter my closet.  Cheerful blues and pinks are the sweetheart of the fall season, which is a nice departure from the usual fall tones we see (shop pink coats HERE).

Fall Floral - again, it's time to inject some much needed pattern into my life.  I have the basics and essentials--now I need the showstoppers.  Rebecca Taylor (shop RT fall HERE), ALC and Suno are all doing florals right this fall (shop Suno HERE).

Dramatic sleeves - maybe it's one-sleeve, maybe it's the cold shoulder, maybe it's the bell sleeve (shop bell sleeves HERE); whatever it is, designers are bringing attention to your arms, whether you like it or not.

Mid-calf boots - We all have the OTK boots (and we love them--shop OTK boots HERE) and more booties than we can handle, but remember mid-calf boots?  Well, if you don't, they're back and a new silhouette to add to your arsenal.  If you're feeling really sassy, wear them with some cropped flare jeans.

What are you looking forward to this fall?