Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Harry's Clothing Essentials (See Jane's Toddler)

pjs / cardigan / skinny jeans (Harry's favorite!) / sweatshirt / parka hunters

I've received questions about Harry's wardrobe; he's definitely the stylish one in the family!  It's funny because as a fashion lover, I was largely underwhelmed by the boys' selection in clothing; it's always orange, camo or says 'Handsome Like Daddy.'  That's just not Harry.  Here are my tips for a psycho like me who loves to dress her toddler:

  • I'm not loyal to one brand in particular for Harry--I like to mix and match.  I buy a lot of neutrals so that they all go easily with each other.  
  • I only buy him clothes on sale; the way this child grows, I can't justify ever paying full-price.  He fits into something one day and the next day, it's a belly tee.
  • I love hand-me-downs.  Yes, really.  I am the youngest of four so I saw my share of them; I'm certainly not above them!  My oldest sister had two boys and is constantly sending me goodies and things I don't even think about--like heavy-duty snow boots…and I'll take them.

Here are my favorite stores--nothing surprising here.
BabyGap (hint, it's always on sale online…ALWAYS)
Old Navy Baby (again, always on sale)
Zara Baby (my favorite shoes)
Peek! (Nordstrom)
Carters footie pajamas (great for my tall guy--and they're adorably cheesy)

Monday, February 1, 2016

Cozy Does It (See Jane Wear)

Vince vest (sold out but similar here, here + here), Vince sweater (similar),
 Paige jeans, Saint Laurent boots, Saint Laurent bag,
Saint Laurent sunglasses, Duvetica puffer
What is it about vests that are so alluring?  They totally change an outfit but are so easy to wear.  Honestly, this sweater is on an every two week rotation for me--but throw a navy fur vest on top, et voilĂ !  It's different.  Maybe I'll put this sweater on an every week rotation now….don't tell.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Winter Flare (See Jane Wear)

veda jayne suede flares outfit
Veda jacket (similar), vintage fur stole (similar), sweater
Goldsign flares (similar here and here), 
Saint Laurent boots (less expensive version here), Chanel bag

You might be wondering if I ever take this fur stole off my body?  The answer is:  nope.  It's warm.

But really, I get in a winter rut quickly.  It just adds some much needed pizazz to an otherwise ho-hum outfit.  I feel that accessories really can make or break your outfit when the temperatures drop.  But, I need a new trick--what's your secret to keeping it fresh in winter?  Because we still have a few months to go…

*photos by Iron + Honey

leather jacket fur collar

black flares outfit