Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Not Yet Gone (See Jane Wear)

Free People top, rag & bone jeans, Stuart Weitzman heels, Chanel bag, Saint Laurent sunglasses
 It's way back Wednesday! #wbw This photo was taken a mere month ago, when my jeans still buttoned with the help of a hair-tie.  It's maternity pants all the way for me these days.

But any how, how great is this Tibi-esque top for a fraction of the price?  It's pretty great.  So great that it's sold out AMOST everywhere: buy it here (love that chambray) and here!

Monday, May 23, 2016

All Black, A Maternity Story (See Jane Wear)

Paige jeans (with belly bandit), ATM top, Steve Madden heels (similar), Saint Laurent bag
No doubt that pregnancy brings out the feminine side of people.  Something about all that estrogen flowing combined with a female solidarity mentality (hey, we give birth men - you don't) just makes you want to wear a lot of dresses.  Well, also that and dresses are just easier to wear while pregnant because you get sick of putting so many items on your body.  And sometimes, you want to break with convention and wear all black.  I'm a contrarian like that; but also, I know my days of being ultra-pregnant during the hot summer will keep me far, far away from all denim, so I'm embracing it now.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Fresh Blood (See Jane Like)

what fashion blogging used to look like - mirror outfit selfies

Remember when I talked about the decline in blogging?  Well, i still think blogging is in a weird, in-between phase, but as someone used to live/breathe blogs, I must say that I honestly don't read them as vociferously anymore.  They used to start my day--now, I scroll through instagram.  Even so, there are people who are constantly piquing my interest so I thought I would share!  Please share anyone you're loving these days in the comments below.  I'm always open to stalking new folks, so, don't be shy!

Fancy Pants Report (insta: hey_im_kate) - Kate is from SF and is so effortlessly cool, it makes me jealous.
Becky Owens (insta: beckiowens) - California interior designer with a penchant for amazing kitches; she makes me want to move.
Lynzy + Co (insta: lynzyandco) - an old blogger friend who found her passion in mommy blogging; typically I don't reach that genre but I love what Lynzy posts--especially her #latenightnursingfeed discussions!
Last Ingredient (insta: lastingredient) - fellow Chicagoan and has a knack for making EVERYTHING look delectable.  Maybe it's the pregnancy talking but I could look at her pictures all day.
Style Charade (insta: jenniferlake) - another fellow Chicagoan who knows where every colorful wall backdrop is--perhaps internationally?
The Swimming Pigs (insta: theswimmingpigs) - doing this in the Bahamas is on my bucket list.  I wanted a pig so badly growing up (I grew up with horses, so it wasn't far fetched) and these huge hogs are the cutest thing ever.  Whenever I'm having a bad day, I'll look at a photo of a swimming pig.
We The People Style (insta: wethepeoplestyle) - Jessie fulfills my love for all things neutral and minimalistic.

Alright - share your favorites!